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BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Advanced Setup Guide

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 (Driver Setup / Install)

Pre information.

  • Don't Plug in your BMW Scanner Cable until told to do so.
  • If you are curious about a USB to serial connection and what it is read this topic.
    USB1 - What is a Serial to USB Connection? (Related Article)

BMW Scanner 1.3.6 used a 9 Pin Serial Cable.
BMW Scanner 1.4.0 is the updated product. It contains the USB to Serial Port Internally in the Device.
It also doens't label the Port COM1 or COM2 it labels the Port as a USB Device "BMW Scanner".
This means the program doesn't can easily find the device without the user having to select a COM port Number.

BMW Scanner used a USB to Serial Port made by FTDI. So to maintain the best stability make sure you install the latest FTDI Drivers.

You may download the drivers on FTDI website (Get the Setup.exe). Make sure you open or save and run this file.
FTDI Website - Virtual Com Port and D2XX Support Page

The FTDI Driver Download Link is Below (RECOMMENDED)
(just run from downlaod location a black CMD / command box opens and closed automatically on sucessfull install.  Pay Close attention)
Now that the FTDI DRIVERS are up to date.

If you have a zipped package exe. Double Click on the BMWScan140.exe File and you will see the following screen.

Select Your Desktop. If that is not in the box with the "..." box and pick your desktop.

This will make a folder on your desktop called "BMWScan140".
Go open this folder and run "BMWScan140.exe" You will see the following screen.

The next think to do is to click on start. Find My Computer and hit mangage.

Now Find the device manager. Please see our computers device manager before BMW Scanner is plugged in.

Now please pay close attention.
BMW Scanner must be powered from the Vehicle.

  • Please Connect the USB Cable to the BMW Scanner 1.4.0 (DO NOT CONNECT TO COMPUTER)
  • Plug BMW Scanner 1.4.0 into the Vehicle's OBD Port (light will come on)
  • Plug the BMW Scanner into the computer.

If BMW Scanner was never plugged into the computer you will get this screen.

If you don't get the above screen you will see the device is not functioning in the Device manager.
You can click update Driver and the screen will come up. So look at the following picutre.

Now you will have the following screen. Select "no" just to save time as This device driver is NEVER online!!!

The next screen we will tell windows advanced as we are going to direct the installation to the file.

It is not nessisary to search the CD-ROM but we will specify a location and hit browse.

If you unzipped the BMW Scanner files to your desktop you will be able to press the plus on the BMWScan140 folder and select the drivers folder as shown. Hit OK. Then Next.

This screen will pop up so make sure you continue anyways.

Remember the latest FTDI drivers are on your computer (we just want the PID). So we will be using the newer file previously installed. Select "NO" like below.

Now in the device manage you will see the BMW Scanner is all ok. Like Below.

You can close the device manager now. On your destop you will see the BMWScan140 folder.
Run BMWScan140.exe and it you should see the following screen.

From now on all you need to do is plug you BMW scanner in the computer connect to the car and run the software.
Please wait 10 seconds for BMW scanner to detect that it is attached to the car before running the software.


USB1 - What is a Serial to USB Connection?
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