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ADS OBD2 Break Out Box

ADS OBD2 Break Out Box Click to enlarge
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OBDII Protocol Detector & Break Out Box



This OBDII Protocol Detector & Break Out Box has wide range of applications in diagnostics, key programming and chip tuning.



● To monitor data steam while performing test on vehicle using a Scan tool. This makes it possible for you to both execute a test and simultaneously monitor the testing process.

● Display testing voltage on the car or truck.

● Display communicating pin number.

● Is an extension of OBD Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC).

● For short circuiting of pins.

● To detect isolated circuits problems 

● Is a power extension cord for small DC testers that need an external power source (maximum 1.2 amps). 

● To test circuits with a meter or scope. 

● To check Power (Pin 16), Chassis Ground (Pin 4) and Signal Ground (Pin 5).

● Save ECU data when replacing vehicle battery.


● Language: English

● Material: Plastic

● Color: Colorful

● Weight: 1.5KG

● Power: 1.8W/3.6W

● Work voltage: 12V/24V

● Work current: 0.15A

● Work temperature: -10℃~40℃

● Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃

● Relative humidity: < 90%

● Display Screen: Without

● Applicable signal: Car signal, LED

● Package: 290*240*90mm/11.31*9.36*3.51’(L*W*H)


1pc x Break Out Box Interface

1pc x OBD pin cable